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Helaba Landesbank Hessen Thüringen
Press reception 2005 - 2009

Date | Place:
2005 - Frankfurt am Main

2006 - Frankfurt am Mai

2007 - Frankfurt am Main

2008 - Egelsbach | Moskau

2009 - Frankfurt am Main

each ca. 03 - 06 months

Evening event

Target group:
Media representatives, board members

Number of guests:
ca. 120 guests

Background 2005:

Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen had wished for their press event in 2005, a very special location, and they also found: Even before the official opening of the new Frankfurt Literature House, which is relocated from the old Bockenheimer villa in the new building of the former porch on the river Main, deserved the Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen to use the premises for the privilege of their media event.

COMMPANY was for this year to create the task thematically ambitious and at the same literary affinity program.

Background 2006:

Also in 2006, was the main focus of the search for a location but failed several times, which was found in the form of the "Orangerie" Günthersburgpark well. The old buildings were set by lighting and decoration in a impressive scene and gave the show a wonderful atmosphere.

As an artist could win the COMMPANY recently awarded the prestigious, international cabaret award "Salzburger Stier 2006" excellent Andreas Reber, both of the guests a highly political, but also gave very entertaining evening. For the under-painting mood music of the evening saw the trio "Abendroth."

Background 2007:

The Transport Museum served as a location in Frankfurt. Located in Schwanheimer forest was set the historic tram depot by a fancy lighting and decorations in the scene and gave the event the midst of 30 original exhibits an extraordinary ambience.

As an artist, were the icons of the language culture are obtained, the three former newsreaders Dagmar Berghoff, Jo Brauner and Wilhelm Wieben stood outside her German book tour for the first time at a gala event. They worried that night with her ​​program "Talk to the present?" Which is not very serious beer reveals the bizarre jargon of today, for a particularly amusing entertainment. With the under painting mood music of the trio "Melounge Soul" as well as stimulating conversations sounded in the evening.

Background 2008:

COMMPANY was designed as a longtime agency partner again this year an exciting concept that revolved around the founding Helaba 1953: The life and the icons of the 50s. The location, the Hangar 15 at the airfield Egelsbach shone in the old style: Historic Double Decker, a BMW Isetta, old records and curlers were the nearly 120 guests immerse themselves again in the time of the young Republic of Germany. This was preceded by all guests in each 20-minute scenic flight in a beautiful view over the Rhine-Main area in the most ancient biplanes in the world. The old "Anna" left an unforgettable experience for all passengers in the air.

The absolute highlight of the event, however, the press reception was a surprise guest of the evening, the teen idol of the '50s: Peter Kraus. In "Sugar Sugar Baby" and a rousing, almost 70-minute show is held at the end of almost no one left on the chairs and left so the press reception at this year end rocking.

The second major event this year was the opening of the Helaba Helaba representative office in Moscow. The Agency has organized the course of this event for 400 guests with a prominent participation of the mayor of Frankfurt and Moscow in the GUM.

Agency task:

Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen, Frankfurt COMMPANY asked regularly since 1995 with the organization and coordination of their press conferences. Primarily the location scouting, and a quality program was handled.

Organizational performance:

overall organization
Scheduling production line
production Assistant
CAD planning / spatial planning
Art direction / packaging
Organization of a show program
Consulting / Concept

Show program 2005:

Hagen Rether (Literaturkabarett)
Sax Angels (Saxophonquartett)
Bettina Blöcher (Pianistin + Gesang)
La Baronessa (Torcedora)

Show program 2006:

Andreas Rebers (Kabarett)
Abendroth (Mood-Musik)

Show program 2007:

Die Tageschausprecher
Dagmar Berghoff (Lesung)
Jo Brauner (Lesung)
Wilhelm Wieben (Lesung)
Soul Melounge (Mood-Musik)

Show program 2008:

03 Antonovs AN-2 (NATO-Codename "Colt")
Peter Kraus & Band

Show program 2009:

Kabarett mit Lisa und Nepo Fitz

Event Technology:

Lighting and sound
Power supply / distribution

Helaba is one of the long-standing clients. A special project was the opening of an office in Moscow in 2008.