BlachReport 23_09 | inside
MARIO M. Flaschentraeger

Mario M. Flaschentraeger is managing director of strategic event marketing company for COMMPANY Ltd. Sinntal.

How did you come to the event industry?

At the age of 14 years (1973) as part of a student intern at the Culture Department of the City of Frankfurt. From then on I was a business event in many roles receive.

What would be the alternative to their current job?

No. I am of conviction! Events are for me no "job", but a piece of mission and self-realization.

What dream you want to fulfill?

Olympic Games organizing, speak Russian and play saxophone on the Red Square in Moscow (I'm working on the latter two topics!).

What has been your biggest challenge?

Learn Russian and saxophone playing.

What decisions have you regretted?

Errors are learning. Errors are necessary to make the major decisions right can be. But on a few experiences I could have done without.

What do you do for stress?

Stress is drive and motivation! For the rest there are the woods, sports, dogs ...

Which company or brand can impress you?

Each innovative companies earned my respect. However, only the living and credible internally and externally responsible social behavior is a model for me. That could still be a few more companies in the case! Here are deeds more than words for me.

What can you inspire?

Silence, passion, music, nature, charisma, travel, Russia, people, intelligence, reading, ... in short, anything and everything really is inspiration.

What is the last book you read?

Facebook, You Tube, LinkedIn & Co. | Winning with Social Technologies.

What current music CD, you can recommend?

Classical Lounge 1-7 of classic radio and all publications from the label Wave Music from Hamburg.

Live event, which has so far impressed you most?

Madonna Re-Invention tour at Wembley in 2004, U2, Luther Allison, 2006 FIFA World Cup, the Love Parade in Berlin, Peter Hahne (on morals) ... The place would not be enough.

A major publisher wants to publish a book from you. Write about what you want?

Why do we act against our better judgment, and how to get out of this impasse? A statement against greed, corruption, stupidity, bigotry, xenophobia, and contempt for more humanity, respect and tolerance. (Wow. Who wants to read the most?) Or: Why do we need sustainable and intergenerational role models! A plea for a real role model and culture to spare as footballers and pop star idols and other zeitgeist phenomena.

At the risk that you will never again be alone there: Tell us your favorite restaurant in Frankfurt?

Actually, I have none. But the "Halle der Helden" | Hanauer Landstrasse 192, I find inspiring. Since there is delicious food, nice staff, and radio plays on the toilet.