Services Mario M. Flaschentraeger
Live-communication Consultant | Conceptioner | Director

Since 1989 I organize at home and abroad for medium and large companies in the automotive,media and publishing industry, capital goods, pharmaceuticals and chemicals as well as the insurance and financial services industry, so-called "live communication" so events, motivation measures, incentives, training, product launches, fairs, award events and much more.

The focus of my work is on the particular task or objective and strategy. Both, it is best to connect with each other and with the means of live communication permanent (long term) to be placed in the target group. In short, to create a positive and lasting perception, where "failure" and othermedia activities.

An expertise in sustainability and governance compliance is increasingly complement the consulting services. What until now was more a label than a reality, must be concrete action in the future. Future competitive advantage will only have the one that is credible. Are borne by the CSR managers worry.

The task field operation includes the following event types:

Field Service Conference
Burn-out prevention
Coaching activities
Gala and show program
Dealer Conference
Healthcare program prevention
Annual Meeting
Kick-off measures
Customer Event
Staff event
Fair presentation
Motivation conference
Public Relations
Product presentation
Promotional Event
Web 2.0 Consulting | Social Media Strategy
(hybrid strategy)
Measures with Corporate Social Responsibility character

The services are:


My company is since 2007, Location Manager and exclusive marketing partner for corporate events in the Transport Museum in Frankfurt

As one of the first companies of its kind I've opened an office in the Russian capital Moscow 2005. My company was the first agency as a member of the AHK German-Russian Chamber of Commerce have been.