Curriculum vitae Mario M. Flaschentraeger
Live-communication Consultant | Conceptioner | Director

Since I was 14 years I have been working in the entertainment industry. The cornerstone was laid at the time a student internship in the cultural department of the City council of Frankfurt under the direction of nationally known director and politician, Prof. Dr. Hilmar Hoffmann. Thanks to my long-time mentor in the Culture Department Rudi Seitz (1930-2002) and later the director of the International dance theater Mousonturm Frankfurt, Dieter Buroch, should be out of the internship my passion and still ongoing appeal.

In the first years I went through various cultural institutions in Frankfurt, then followed as a stagehand and assistant (Bestboy) first experience in the music industry. Added at the beginning of the 80s came the role of rookie concert promoter and disc jockey, in one of Frankfurt's most fashionable night club. In parallel, the creation of a city known record store was at the Frankfurt University.

Since 1989 I have been organizing after various professional positions, including at:

Advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather
TV production studio and film equipment manufacturer ARRI TV

own worldwide corporate events (motivation measures, product launches, trade shows, award events, etc.) for domestic and foreign brands from the automotive, media and publishing industry, tools and machinery, capital goods, pharmaceutical and financial services industry.

With considerably more than 2,000 cultural and corporate events and more than 35 years of professional experience includes myself and my company to the most experienced and consistent in the industry.

Here I act always with an interdisciplinary view of the substantive and technical changes. So I'm very early anticipated the changes wrought by the Web 2.0 and me with this subject content and strategy. Together with Prof. Dr. Ewald Wessling I had organized in 2009 for customers with a lecture on this topic.

Since 2004, I maintain a private undertaking established office in Moscow with highly qualified and multilingual native speakers in the line. Therefore, I also offer valid and well-connected contacts in Russia, the CIS and the Baltics. In addition, emerging in the Eastern European countries Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

My company is the exclusive partner since 2006 for corporate events of the Transport Museum in Frankfurt

Represented by COMMPANY I'm also a longtime member of the AHK German-Russian Chamber of Commerce in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

As a freelance journalist and author I publish articles about the event business in various industry trade journals and online services. See also:

I work always and exclusively in deep inner conviction that universal standards of corporate governance and corporate compliance and get involved with volunteer projects for Corporate Social Responsibility character. I reject the corruption, because this is NOT a trivial offense! Taking advantage at the expense of companies and entire economies and fair competition!

To engage socially, I do not consider as an option, but as a moral obligation! I come according this in many ways. Add to my funded projects include e.g.

Dialogue in the Dark, integrative self-help project for the blind
Association for the promotion of social creativity Frankfurt | Hamburg
Blind and disabled workshops, various institutions in Germany
Papageno Theater for kids | Frankfurt
Bergwinkel Festival | Main-Kinzig Area
Several projects for children and young people | Sinntal
Friends of primary school | Mottgers
Working Group on Child Care Berlin | Fellowship of the association work
Charity for the earthquake victims in Bam (Iran) | Washington
Football club FC Hermania Sinntal
Children's Home of Widnowskij | Moscow
(charity reading with Wladimir Kaminer)
Regular financial and material donations for various organizations

and much more

I also support regular Amnesty International, Médecins Sans Frontières, PETA, AVAAZ, Transparency International, the AktionMensch, and a number of NGOs.