Characteristics Mario M. Flaschentraeger
Live-communication Consultant | Conceptioner | Director


Yes, as the second son of my mother
and this happened at Frankfurt am Main | Germany


Trader for Photo Technology
Dipl. Trade and Commerce
IT Training
Several internship


1973 City council of Frankfurt | Cultural Affairs
1978 Sinkkasten Arts Club | Mucic club
1979 Alternative service
1979 Foundation Concert agency „Bottlecarrier Presents“
1980 Opening "Plattendiele" | Shop for records
1984 Ogilvy & Mather Frankfurt | Traffic | FFF
1988 ARRI TV Munich | Head of disposition
1988 Intershow Frankfurt | Event agency Project manager
1989 Foundation Event agency
       Mario Flaschentraeger Veranstaltungsberatung
       COMMPANY Ges. für strategisches Ereignismarketing mbH


Over 35-years experience
Entrepreneur since 1980
Networker (XING | Facebook | LinkedIN & More)
Quality maniac
Consultant for CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Projects
Available but not for sale
Loyal but not blindly
Citizen of the world (48 countries visited)
Social Entrepreneur
Been awarded
Lectures: (Russia | Health tourism | Live-Communication)
Philosopy - Ego cocito. ergo sum


German | Mother tongue
English | fluent
French | School level
Spanish | Basic knowledge
Tacheles | fluent


„Seepferdchen“ incl. diving license silver
Drivers licences all vehicles up to 3.5 tons | over 1.0 mio. KM
Internet experience
Two-time Marathon finalist New York
BMI-Index 24
Father of two boys ...
Russian permanent visa holder
Animal Whisperer
Moto- and MTB | Hiking | Tennis 

There is not one wise man in twenty
that will praise himself

William Shakespeare, 1564 - 1616
Playwright, poet and actor