Mario M. Flaschentraeger
Live-communication Consultant | Conceptioner | Director

My life since 1973 has been, the business culture and the concert and event industry! In the now almost 40 years, I have accompanied well over 2,000 events of various genres and sizes of 50-100,000 people in many different roles and responsibilities.

The subject of targeted „Entertainment“ has always played a central role for me. I had this basic understanding from the beginning, because whether a disc jockey or a program consultant for companies in the end it is only the acceptance by the target group that counts.

This qualification introduced in 1989 establishing the international event agency COMMPANY Gesellschaft für strategisches Ereignismarketing.

During the late 80s and 90s, still the entertainment value of an event determined the degree of success, long-term strategies and content, however, were rarely persued.

Today, the requirements, tasks and benchmarks for events are definitely different! The theme "FUN" has lost the most of its importance since the economic, burnout, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and a distinct change in an ethical sense of responsibility in the Live communication today are the parameters which clients and agencies need to be measured at!

Complicated demands on codes of conduct of businesses (corporate compliance and corporate governance), or individual sectors (eg pharmaceuticals code) or fiscal and social security law restrictions, such as the national “Artists social insurance” (KSK) and approval of licences simply include additional tasks and requirements for clients and agencies associated with it. Here, however, there is often on both sides too often great and harmful ignorance.

As part of the globalization of the industry and challenges in addition to intercultural demands were added increasingly complex legal issues. This is especially true when projects are implemented across borders. Lack of legal and basic background knowledge and a good dose of naivety has caused on some projects to fail.

What was once a professional career changers domain today has become a versatile and complex profession with the highest interdisciplinary requirements. In the last years a lot of so-called "Certified Event Manager" who had been "qualified" at weekend seminars have haphazardly flooded the labor market. Unfortunately, most without any valid work experience.

The LOVEPARADE catastrophe of Duisburg in 2010, with 21 deaths and 541 injured, has made this alarmingly clear how big can the ignorance of the actors.

There is no substitute for experience!

On this website you can learn even more about my person, my qualifications and motivation.

Mario M. Flaschentraeger

The way to get good ideas is to get lots of ideas,
and throw the bad ones away

Dr. Linus Carl Pauling, 1901 - 1994
American chemist and Nobel Prize winner

April 2012